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Celebrate Your Special Memories With Us

Pretty's Bowtique is a brand that gives the highest quality product combined with personalization to celebrate those special life memories.

Who We Are

At Pretty's Bowtique, we believe in quality. We want to make that new mom or stressed-out mom's shopping experience as easy as possible. By providing an affordable, fashion-forward brand focused on integrity, teamwork, and respect for people.

We love hearing from our customers about what they love, and what inspires them. In return, we to do better in everything we give and we make sure to value our customer relationships.

How it all began?

At the start of 2011, my husband Steve and I were expecting our first child after multiple losses and 10 years of trying. I of course wanted to have everything monogrammed and personalized. Due to health issues and going through the worst possible time in my life. I needed something to keep me busy and my mind off of the stressors in life. So, I bought a single needle embroidery machine and thought how hard could this be? While those items that I thought I would be saving money on ended up costing me way more than I could have bought them for. What a learning curve, and it turned into a passion. I invested so much time into learning and passion turned a very small business. Over the years we have grown so much. After a few years, it became too much for just me, and I trained what would become my partner.

Fast-forward to 2014, our son was born, I started experimenting with online marketplaces selling various items to help offset my income so I could stay home full time. Our Facebook and Instagram community of friends quickly grew from a few hundred members to over 64,000 in a very short period. I quickly learned that I could combine my passion for embroidery with being home with my kids, and make items for moms all over the country to celebrate their kids' special moments.

Emily & I have grown the business tremendously and are constantly learning and grow all while enjoying my 3 kids and her precious daughter. Our busiest season is Christmas with our signature PJs. We often work 14-16 hour days during the holiday to ensure our products reach our customers as fast as possible.